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Empowerment for the Awakening

"God is not finished with America yet!"

Jesus Christ has been the central focus of my life for over forty-nine years. For thirty-six of those years, I have devoted my life to fulltime Christian service. I have served as pastor, educator, conference speaker, leadership consultant, administrator and publisher. [Complete Resume]

I am a revivalist. Since the early 1990s, I have held to the belief that God is not finished with America yet. Therefore, I am committed to the Spiritual Awakening of this nation. Nothing brings me greater satisfaction than empowering the rising generation of leaders to carry the life and power of God's kingdom into every sphere of influence.

I currently serve as President of Valor Christian College, CEO of Declaration Press and President/Executive Director of Draw Near--a ministry devoted to empowering the church for revival and harvest.

My reach is now expanding through speaking engagements and consultation/coaching services. Frequent conference and workshop themes include the following:
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I Have Seen Miracles!

Have you ever seen a verifiable miracle?

I have been an eyewitness to numerous supernatural healings and miracles. On at least five occasions, I have seen Jesus instantly heal severe eyesight disorders. Countless people with severe pain have been restored within moments of receiving ministry. One middle-aged man had lived his entire life with one foot significantly bigger than the other, and then within a split-second, both feet became the same size!

When we tell of the marvelous works that Jesus has performed, we bring Him glory, and in the telling of those testimonies we greatly increase the likelihood that similar works of grace will occur in the lives of our hearers.

What verifiable, supernatural healings and miracles have you witnessed? Let's bring glory to Jesus by sharing (in one paragraph or less) what we have seen.

Training for "Supernatural Ministry"

I am searching for 120 individuals to join me on an eight-week, online Supernatural Ministry Journey. Are you interested? If so, take a few minutes to view this video and to participate in the survey that follows.

To participate in the survey, go HERE.